There are several ways to get Hoheikyo-Onsen from the center of Sapporo city.
Please be noticed that the bus timetable is different between summer and winter.

Access MAP

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Drive along R 230 from Sapporo city toward Nakayama Toge.
Pass through Jozankei Onsengai and you can see a parking lot with toilet facilities.
Keep driving a littler and turn left at the corner of "Houheikyo dam iriguchi."
You can pass a signboard and drive 600m more, then you can find and turn left.
It's about 35 km from the center of Sapporo city.


Bus time table

The ride from JR Sapporo Station Bus Terminal to Jyotetsu bus of "Kappa liner" or "Hoheikyo-Onsen", get off at the end Hoheikyo-Onsen in about 80 minutes.

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Free shuttle bus service timetable

To Hoheikyo-Onsen

Makomanai Subeay Station

Pachinko parlor ZOON

Fujinoya Soop Cury




Fujinoya Soop Cury

Pachinko parlor ZOON

Makomanai Subeay Station

  1. This bus, once per day (round trip) for the operation of a single bus, so can not be riding your and will be the capacity, there is also be a use of other transportation. Thank you acknowledge.
  2. That there is no dedicated stop of this bus, We wait in the vicinity, thank you to cue raise your hand if you have seen the bus.
  3. The stop and later became capacity, bus because we do not stop, there is a thing to pass even if the wait your.
  4. Departure time, because there are times when it is delayed due to weather, road conditions, and humbly acknowledge.
  5. Other inquiries from 10:00, thank you.