Hoheikyo-Onsen Speciality  Indian Food

Hoheikyo-Onsen is very proud of its pristine and supreme hot springs quality. Our 100% pure natural hot springs is directly poured into baths. There are only very small number of onsen facilities able to use 100% pure natural hot springs in Japan.

Indian Food

We originally invented a special ceramic oven for baking nann.
You can enjoy a smooth and tender taste of our special nann with spicy Indian curry.
We have received a good reputation from customers.

We use dozens of spices including herbal plants for curry. It's good for your health.

Please enjoy our curry with nann baked by a special oven.

Pork Curry 950 yen
Lamb Curry 1000 yen
Chickpea Curry 900 yen
Chicken Curry 850 yen
Vegetable Curry 850 yen
Curry with Eggplant & Tomato 850 yen
Keema Curry 950 yen
Collagen Keema Curry 850 yen
Seafood Curry 1,000 yen
Curry with Tandoori Chicken 950 yen
Curry with Chicken, Vegetable, & Egg 950 yen
Curry with Egg 850 yen
Chicken Curry and Eggplant & Tomato Curry 1,300 yen
Curry with Tandoori Chicken Set + Chai Tea
1,650 yen
Hoheikyo Special
(3 kinds of curries with Tandoori Chicken, Sheek Kabab,
Raita, Vegetable Salada, Saffron Rice, & Chai Tea)
2,300 yen
・ 5 Levels of Spiciness Options Available
・ A piece of free nann comes with curry menue.
Nann 330 yen
extra Nann (*need to order curry) 220 yen
Nann staffed with roast pork 430 yen
Nann staffed
with local blue-berried honeysuckle
430 yen
Nann staffed with bean paste 430 yen
Nann staffed with dumpling fillings 430 yen
Nann staffed with ground pork 430 yen
Nann with a flavor of pizza 530 yen
Nann staffed with sheek kabab 640 yen
Nann staffed with tandoori chicken 400 yen
Tandoori chicken and sheek kabab set 600 yen
Chicken Tikka 500 yen
Sparerib 600 yen
Vegetable Salada 330 yen
Raita (yogurt salada) 430 yen