We use high quality buckwheat to make soba. Juwari Soba

To keep soba fresh, we grain buckwheat every morning and make soba after receiving order. This is our 100% buckwheat soba.

100% buckwheat soba

We use local buckwheat, and always try to keep it fresh. Please enjoy the flavor and quality of soba with special soup.

You can enjoy freshly-ground, made, and boiled soba.

Soba with hot soup
Kake Soba (Simpla soba with hot soup) 750 yen
Soba with egg 800 yen
Soba with mushrooms 900 yen
Soba with vegetable tempura 950 yen
Soba with egg starchy sauce 900 yen
Soba with Indian curry 900 yen
Soba with kimchi and roast pork 950 yen
Soba with cold soup
Mori Soba (Simple soba with cold soup) 750 yen
Mori Soba (extra large) 900 yen
Soba with shrimp tempura 900 yen
Soba with natto and yam 900 yen
Soba with yam 950 yen
Soba with nameko mushroom 900 yen